The name of the society shall be CRESTON VALLEY QUAD SQUAD SOCIETY, herein referred to as the CLUB. The Club shall be located in Creston within the Regional District of Central Kootenay in the province of of British Columbia.


To provide the conditions that foster the development of skills and knowledge of members to ride safely and responsibly.

        What We Do (Value)

  • Plan, promote, and participate in group quad rides.
  • Familiarization of area and trails.
  • Learn safety methods and practices.
  • Educate about the wilderness and survival.
  • Learn from experienced riders to ride responsibly.
  • Learning trail riding methods, map reading, and GPS.
  • Protect and preserve our environment.
  • Advocate the protection of our freedom to ride.
  • Socialize, meet new people / old friends with similar interests.


To bring a legacy of back country riding, country and wildlife knowledge, and environment protection, for future generations to enjoy.


  • Plan minimum of three rides per month with one incorporating trail maintenance.
  • Plan alternative rides in July and August to address high fire danger.
  • Documentation of trails (mapping, points of interest, rest areas, facilities).
  • Organize training for ATVs and UTVs by a recognized ATV/BC trainer.
  • Incorporate skills and safety training into rides.
  • Provide education sessions for:
    • Map reading and the use of GPS.
    • Wilderness survival skills.
    • How to protect and preserve our environment.
  • Ride preparation documentation for:
    • Equipment checks to reduce equipment breakdowns.
    • Clothing requirement to take into consideration weather and elevation.
    • Water and food considerations.
  • Develop procedures for equipment failure, medical emergencies, and being lost.
  • Plan socializing events evolving members, spouses, and former members.